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today around like 4 missy and sam came over. we walked down to the skate park, and then left, on the way back i showed them that place behind the fire station thats like a waterslide typing thing. then jon and erik came over, after missy and sam got caught in like three lies/plans they finally get caught and were forced to leave. lol. so now erik and jon are sleeping over.
im still confused about the whole missy thing.
maybe ill figure out what i/she wants to do soon.
tomorrow is practice, maybe ultimate frisbee game.
uhm oh yeah!

we have to sell battle of the bands tickets for the exposure show at the palladium.
we need to sell 100 tickets, if we do we get 10 hours of free recording time, and considering our demo songs basically suck ass, itd be nice if we could get this.
so please buy a ticket off someone in ATDE.
oh yeah, we also have a website now too. its pretty nice check it out.   www.turtleboy.com/atthedaysend  it doesnt always work correctly, so if it doesnt work, just try again.
uhmm yeah thats about it, bye.

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