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this whole leanne/aaron thing. they are both going through alot of shit. so will everyone please shut the fuck up about it.
especially to aaron. all these people fucking dissing him and being gay about it all..seriously its unfuckingnescessary.
i know aaron messed up and all...but really, did he do anything to offend all the people putting him down and dissing him..because i love aaron, and i love leanne..and im not losing my friendship to either of them and i think all of you really need to stop being a douche to aaron because he made a mistake and that shouldnt effect anyones life other than his leanne and possibly aimees.
and aaron..i dont know if you have a problem with me for any reason of any sort..but i still consider you one of my good friends even though we dont talk as much as we used to.
so this is what im asking.


but on another note.
today i stayed home because i was suspended and around 2 oh clockk my house started smelling of gas..so i went into my bassment to see what it was..and i go down there and my whole basement was fucking covered in smog gas...carbondioxide. so i grabbed the phone and got the fuck out of my house and called my mom.

then i went to leannes with mitchel and ryan boucher..and erik and steph and leanne were there..steph cut my hair, we hung out. yadda yadda.
then me erik ryan, and ryan, and neil went to owen bell to skate for a while.
i took 4 no doses and right after we dropped ryan whiston i opened the door and puked my brains out.
then we drove around a little..and we stopped at a stop light like half an hour later and i opened the door and puked my brains out even more.
and now im home talking to missyyyy. i miss her.
erik is sleeping over.
and i have to go back to school tomorrow.
wednesday me missy sam and erik are hanging out.
thank god.
okay well im out.
bye bye <3.

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